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Joe Engel

Matt Engel with Luck-E SS Mercedes*RC EX-94

“We aren’t fancy here, but we are practical.
We love Udder Comfort.”

- Joe Engel

THE ENGEL FAMILY - Dennis, Beth, Joe and Matt
Milking 180 registered Holsteins
SCC: 120,000
75 lbs/cow/day (2x) 4.4% fat, 3.6% protein
38 new EX and 82 new VG two-year-olds in the past year

Doug Evans The Evans family with Kineta

“We rely on Udder Comfort“

- Dr. Doug Evens

SUNNY ACRES FARM - The Evans Family
Georgetown, New York
Milking 45 Ayrshires-25 EX-RHA: 22,000 (2x)
SCC: 120,000
Multi-year national top producing Ayrshire herd

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Bob Traynor Bob Traynor and his Ex-90 Honeycrest Outs Thriller-ET

"It works faster and better. Period."

- Bob Traynor

HONEYCREST FARMS - The Traynor Family
Spring Valley, Wisconsin
Milking Herd: 120 Reg. Holsteins
SCC: Below 200,000
BAA 106.5; RHA 25,378m 890f 717p (2x)

The Wordens Chuck and Vanessa Worden, 10-time Progressive Genetics Award winner

"...the one that works."

- Chuck Worden

WORMONT DAIRY - The Worden Family
Cassville, New York
Milking 270 registered Holsteins and Jerseys
6 EX Holsteins & 5 EX Jerseys
Shipping 17,000 lbs/day at 4.2 fat 3.2 protein (2x)

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